The Old Clubhouse Still Breaths

Fellow travelers, by now you must have realized the rich history of Great Harbour Cay and how remnants of this history rest in the form of post-apocalyptic ruins, where good times are reduced to mere echoes. With some $38 million … Read More

The Sugar Beach Caves

During your Escape to Great Harbour Cay, you’d be amiss if you skipped out on a trek to the Sugar Beach Caves, dubbed one of the prettiest places in The Bahamas. These sandy coves, rocky cliffs and sheltered caves resemble … Read More

Drug Runners & Ruins – Exploring Cistern Cay

As one approaches the abandoned Ghost Island of Cistern Cay, they will be ominously greeted by the sunken wreck of a drug-running plane, as a symbol of a dark age in Bahamian History. One can only imagine the fate of … Read More

Hoffman’s Cay – Natural History & Mystery

Among The Berry Islands’s splendid landmasses is one such Cay that is filled with natural wonder and mystique. Hoffman’s Cay is a small one but within it’s dense foliage lies trails worth venturing through. Hoffman’s Cay is known for it’s … Read More

Coolie Mae’s Is Rustic Charm With A View

Sitting on a Bullocks Harbour hill and overlooking the sun’s trajectory is a hidden Bahamian gem known to the locals as Coolie Mae’s Sunset by the Sea Restaurant. There’s something about dining in a place that looks and feels like … Read More

Hotel Crash At CarriEarl’s Dining

The Carriearl Roost Restaurant The Carriearl Roost @ Soul Fly Lodge Located North of the Beach Villas on Great Harbour Beach. Restaurant is by reservation only. Dinner Service: Thursday – Saturday 7-9 pm Brunch Service: Sunday 10am – 1pm More … Read More

The Tamboo Club Echoes With History

Once upon a Bahamian lore, a tribe of fishermen would set off on their small fishing boat dubbed “Tamboo” for their daily catch. The tribe built a small house on a hill overlooking what is now the channel to the … Read More

The Beach Club, Where Life Is A Beach

Nestled on the sandy dunes just steps away from the shore, is a local hang and the only joint located right on Great Harbour Cay Beach. Known to the locals as “Da Beach Club,” the blue and yellow structure is … Read More