Meet Percy Darville, The Bonefishing Master

The Berry Islands is inhabited by not just eclectic wildlife, but also eclectic characters. If bonefishing is your game, then Captain Percy Darville is one such character that you need to meet on your Great Harbour Cay Adventure. As the winner of the “Cacique Award” for Sports and Leisure in 2007, Percy has a title to live up to and continues to provide exceptional seafaring service this side of the Caribbean. For over 100 years, his family has been living in the Berry Islands and catching bonefish. It’s in their blood and destiny, which makes Percy a true Man of the Sea.

It’s not just bonefishing that he’s known for. Percy can also provide you and your party with bottom fishing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing experience and tours of the islands. But bonefishing seems to be the main event, as a cherished pastime on these parts.

Nestled to the north and east of Andros Island, you’ll come upon a backcountry side unlike no other, inhabited by the largest bonefish in the Bahamas, with an average size of 4-7 pounds.

Your bonefishing tour will commence on a beautiful home, perched 45 feet on a hill overlooking Great Harbour Cay. This comfortable resort-style home is where you will wait for your guide to pick you up. This guide is none other than legendary Percy Darville himself and his brother Joe. They’ll guide you out to the extremely fertile flatlands. These shallow lands are perfect for seeking out and tailing fish. You’ll bond with your peers, be educated on these miraculous sea creatures and find yourself getting a workout from this beloved sport.

For those who’ve never bonefished before, you can get free instructions during the late afternoons. You’ll learn how to pursue these pesky creatures and how to cast a proper line.

Due to the catch and release rules from out here, you’ll have to set these fish free, because it’s more about the artful skill of the catch, then about taking these fish from their homes. And because schools of bonefish are in the high thousands, you’ll never be short on catches in the vast islands of Berry.

When you return from your Escape to Great Harbour Cay, you’ll be glad you met Percy to add to the long list of Berry Island locals that made your trip all the more colorful.