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A Brief History of Great Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas

Great Stirrup Cay is a small island located in the Berry Islands, a cluster of cays and small islands in the Bahamas. Its history reflects a blend of natural beauty and strategic importance, intertwined with the broader narrative of the … Read More

Unveiling the Rich History of Great Harbour Cay: A Jewel in the Bahamas

Nestled within the stunning Berry Islands of the Bahamas lies the captivating Great Harbour Cay, a place not only known for its natural beauty but also steeped in a fascinating history that has shaped its identity. Let’s take a journey … Read More

GHC Clubhouse

A Rebirth for The Island: A History of Great Harbour Cay, Chapter 3

Click here to read Chapter 2: An Age of Gangsters and Promise, A History of Great Harbour Cay 1967 marks a monumental year for Great Harbour Cay’s history because this marks the year when construction kicked off for what would … Read More

Great Harbour Cay Airport

An Age of Gangsters and Promise : A History of Great Harbour Cay, Chapter 2

Click here to read Chapter 1: Early Bahamian Days, A History of Great Harbour Cay When Fidel Castro and his band of bearded revolutionaries claimed the island of Cuba theirs, the fleeing began. President Fulgencio Batista fled to the Dominican … Read More

Early Bahamian Days: A History of Great Harbour Cay, Chapter 1

Let’s dissect the concept of “places.” Places withstand the test of time and are humble spectators of history without judgement or opinion. They rest while people come and go through them and events unfold, either good or bad. Great Harbour … Read More

The Founder of Great Harbour Cay

Not much is known about the original settlement in Great Harbour Cay, but we do know that it was started by a man named Sir William MacBean George Colebrooke. Colebrooke was an English career soldier and colonial administrator who became … Read More

Drug Runners & Ruins – Exploring Cistern Cay

As one approaches the abandoned Ghost Island of Cistern Cay, they will be ominously greeted by the sunken wreck of a drug-running plane, as a symbol of a dark age in Bahamian History. One can only imagine the fate of … Read More

The Tamboo Club Echoes With History

Once upon a Bahamian lore, a tribe of fishermen would set off on their small fishing boat dubbed “Tamboo” for their daily catch. The tribe built a small house on a hill overlooking what is now the channel to the … Read More