The Sugar Beach Caves

During your Escape to Great Harbour Cay, you’d be amiss if you skipped out on a trek to the Sugar Beach Caves, dubbed one of the prettiest places in The Bahamas. These sandy coves, rocky cliffs and sheltered caves resemble that of the great Mediterranean beaches, but they are true Bahamian in their natural beauty.

Beyond natural marvels and through the abundant thatchberry trees, you’ll stumble upon the ruins of the Sugar Beach Resort & Golf Club, one of the original hotels in the island’s long history of hospitality.

Abandoned Sugar Beach Hotel

If you’re looking for an energized hike to work out your beach bod or work off the Kalik Gold and Coolie Mae’s Guava Duff, the Sugar Beach cliffs offer hiking trails with exceptional ocean vistas. At high tide, the water will stretch as far as the caves, so if you’re up for a splashy adventure, don’t be afraid to venture by way of water. Just be careful the tides don’t sweep you away. Bring a buddy to lean on. During low tide, you’ll be able to explore the caves over sand and possibly pitch a tent or picnic ground.

High Tide at the Sugar Beach Caves

It’s called Sugar Beach for its white sugary sand, but this pocket of paradise offers way more than just sugar. The shallow grottos penetrated within the bedrock and the cool caverns will satisfy your adventurous itch. Be sure to pencil in this sandy voyage on this, your Escape to Great Harbour Cay.