The Old Clubhouse Still Breaths

Fellow travelers, by now you must have realized the rich history of Great Harbour Cay and how remnants of this history rest in the form of post-apocalyptic ruins, where good times are reduced to mere echoes. With some $38 million invested into an island in the 1960s, you can image the glitz, the glamour, and the tourists who flocked to be a part of it.

The Old Clubhouse in its heyday

Great Harbour has become more of a sleepy vacation destination to relax and retire. But you can still visit what remains of its glitzy past through some urban exploration of ruins, and among them is the Old Clubhouse. It wasn’t a hurricane that ended this chapter of history, but neglect and abandonment.

While the Old Clubhouse lies in ruin, you’d be surprised as to the good shape the main foundation is still in, even after the countless hurricanes that have struck the island. The main limestone structure still stands and during Halloween, kids decorate it with cobwebs, converting the foundations into a spooktacular abode. The drained pool echoes the sounds of cannon ball splashes, while roots grow over the structure like aged facial hair.

So if you’re looking to make contact with spirits or take stunning photos of abandoned Americana, the Old Clubhouse is the perfect place to spend an afternoon of your Escape to Great Harbour Cay.