Hoffman’s Cay – Natural History & Mystery

Among The Berry Islands’s splendid landmasses is one such Cay that is filled with natural wonder and mystique. Hoffman’s Cay is a small one but within it’s dense foliage lies trails worth venturing through.

The Blue Hole at Hoffman’s Cay

Hoffman’s Cay is known for it’s astounding blue hole. A blue hole is defined as a large marine cavern or sinkhole, which is open to the surface and has developed in a bank or island composed of a carbonate bedrock. The blue hole at Hoffman’s Cay is located a few yards inland. In order to find it, simply dock your skiff motorboat or dinghy on the north beach and follow the man-made trail of dense vegetation until you come upon the vast hole in the middle of the island.

Don’t worry, you can’t miss it. Once there, you’ll be at the top of a high cliff where you can either be daring and take the plunge, or hike to the bottom. Along the hike, you’ll encounter shallow limestone caves made up of stalagmites, stalagtites and natural limestone columns. These sheltered stone areas are a great place to post up, hang out and have a picnic. Just be sure to take your trash with you and don’t litter this feat of nature. The caves have truly stood the test of time.

If you care to swim in the blue hole, it’s perfect for snorkeling. Just be aware that you will be floating at the top of a hole that stretches hundreds of feet into the earth. Staring deep into the dark blue abyss is a humbling and eye opening experience. One can truly have a spiritual connection to the wonders of the deep.

Mysterious Ancient Ruins in Hoffman’s Cay

In addition to the blue hole, you may stumble upon the Hoffman Cay Ruins, a structure of strangely-stacked rock walls, including a chimney, which proves this area was inhabited long ago. Remains of a hut still echo the ghosts of its past. There’s no evidence to suggest who resided here but the safe bet would be that of British loyalists, Seminoles, indentured slaves or pirates.

If you care to spend more time in the water along the banks and lagoons of Hoffman Cay, you’ll encounter a plethora of lush wildlife including sharks, French Angelfish, starfish and let’s not forget the little guys – the conchs, the crabs and barnacles.

Hoffman’s Cay is glittering with ancient history and its remnants of the past prove that it has rested patiently throughout the passage of time. It is among the many hidden gems located near Great Harbour Cay that will spruce up your getaway with exploration and wildlife adventure.