Coolie Mae’s Is Rustic Charm With A View

Sitting on a Bullocks Harbour hill and overlooking the sun’s trajectory is a hidden Bahamian gem known to the locals as Coolie Mae’s Sunset by the Sea Restaurant. There’s something about dining in a place that looks and feels like grandma’s house. It’s an old-world charm that’s tough to beat. To add to the warmth and coziness of grandma’s house, the food is homemade and tastes likes something grandma prepared just for you.

Good music and vibes fill the environment, where you can switch your attention back and fourth from televised sports to the descending sunset. As for food, don’t stop by without having the house Guava Duff. This desert is a spongy, soft slice of guava-spiraled dough which is served with sweet butter rum sauce in the classic Bahamian way. Dough is the way to go here, which is why they serve a plethora of specialty breads such as banana, cinnamon, coconut, potato and raisin. If bread is your thing, you’ll be one happy camper at Coolie Mae’s.

As for lunch specials that are served daily, be sure to check out the local favorite – bean and dumpling soup with coconut bread every Thursday.

You won’t miss the seafront borough, especially with its bright island flair and colors. With 60-seats, there’s plenty of room for group events, parties, wedding receptions or happy hour experiences with their full bar.

The spread includes fresh fish cooked any way, curries, chicken beef, conch salad, panfried grouper, broiled lobster, steaks, pork chops, peas ’n’ rice, macaroni and cheese, and burgers that will make you salivate at first sight. It is recommended that you call in your order in advanced because this local hang tends to get busy.

Stop by Coolie Mae’s to eat, drink, and witness the sun disappear behind the horizon line.